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Ronel Bed trays

The Ronel company is now located in the northern end of the Shasta valley in California. Ronel has been producing quality wooden bed trays since the late 60'S.  The design is from an original  that dates back to the 1800's.  Ronel has produced a line of breakfast in bed trays for fine boutiques as well as large quality retailers.   You may have purchased one of our trays in these stores as recent as the late 1990's. We produced trays for  stores such as Saks Fifth Ave, Geary's of Beverly hills, Christian dior, Gumps, Maceys,  Hammacher Schlemmer, Scully and Scully, Gracious Home NY and others. We have shipped our trays all over the world,  to the White house and even to Buckingham palace.  We have provided trays to movie studios for movies such as Paper Moon, It's Complicated, the Untouchables and many others.  Our trays have been featured in articles in many popular magazines such as People, Bon Appetit, Working Mother, Family Circle and others. We currently have five star ratings on two of our alternate web outlets such as  Amazon.com and Etsy.