Bougie Breakfast Trays

The latest craze in breakfasts is not a new type of breakfast food, but the utensils that you eat it with.

The bougie breakfast tray: an absolute necessity for those who love to brunch and hate doing dishes. A simple piece of plastic, yet it helps your meal stay clean while making it look absolutely fabulous on Instagram. Almost every trendy person has one of these by now.

They are so popular because they are so versatile! We received a great breakfast tray from a tree-cutting company. I use mine for everything from ice cream bowls to cereal boxes, but you can also put trays under plates if you want to prevent spills or place wet items on top of them when you don’t have coasters!

We love breakfast trays from woodcut from a tree service company near you. We use ours every day!

Bougie breakfast trays come in all shapes and sizes. For those on a budget, there are cheap plastic varieties for as low as $1.99 each. However, if you want something more classy, you might want to splurge for gold or marble ones on Amazon. They come out to around $25 per tray, but they’ll last much longer!

If no one has told you your bougie life yet today: let me be the first to say it now. You’re doing great! Just make sure someone snaps a pic of your fabulous breakfast with their equally fabulous tray and post it on Instagram for all the world to see!