Understanding the Origins of the Bed Tray: A Brief Overview

this picture shows a bed tray with food

What is a bed tray and why should you get it? What all the modern inventions in recent years, one of the simplest forms of technology that you can use for your own home is the bed tray. It is one of the most advantageous tools that you can use to make life easier anywhere you go in your house.

Here, we will try to analyze the origins of the bed tray and why you should get it for your own home in the future. If you want to learn more, please do not hesitate to read on.

The Origin

The bed tray traces its origins to the most basic of serving tools called the tray. This can be defined as a shallow platform primarily designed to carry specific items for transport. It could be made of various materials from silver, brass, iron or metal. This particular implement can also be made from lighter materials such as wood, plastic, and molded pulp. 

Trays, in general, can be cheap are expensive depending on the material it is based upon. Normally, molded or plastic trays are used in cafeterias because they’re much more affordable. The more durable steel trays are used in luxury hotels and many other high-end establishments or restaurants.

The Design

Table trays or traditional trays, in general, are flat with raised edges to prevent various objects from sliding off the top. They come in a variety of shapes but are commonly seen as rectangular or circular in form.

Some are built with handles to make carrying them easier. These differences in designs led to what we now know as table trays.

Describing the Table Trays

This is essentially the same device with a much more elaborate design and style. Sometimes, table trays are built to accommodate smaller trays or are specifically designed to become the tray itself. Some of these instruments also have compartments below the surface for the storage of specifically soiled utensils and kitchenware.

The Different Types of Tray Tables

There are essentially two different types of table trays available in the market. These are as follows:

The TV Tray Table

This particular design consists of a smooth tabletop surface and small legs that could be adjusted to match the user’s height or line of sight. It is specifically built to hold a small television set or computer monitor for entertainment or work purposes.

The Airplane Tray Table

This is a much larger version of a common table tray and is primarily designed to fit the back of an airplane seat. It can double as storage or additional space for dining while in the air. It is primarily used to serve plane passengers.


These are just some of the things that you ought to know about table trays. By having this brief backgrounder, you will get to have an informed decision regarding which laptop or portable table tray design you should purchase depending on your specific needs.

this image shows a bed tray